Hillman Project

"Thank you for being such an integral part in correcting our home's structural problems.

It was a pleasure working with you because you were so professional, we knew exactly what was expected of us. Your strong work ethic and obvious first hand "in the field" work experience impressed us.

You were prompt, patiently answered our questions.  We admired your ability to include us and the Contractor in discussions as part of making the project a team effort...

We will recommend you without reservation."

– Mike & Margaret Hillman

Invaluable Work Experience

“Mark and I met in the late 90's at college and became friends.  He and I shared a love for the outdoors, construction, and the great relationships with our Dads.  Our Dads have always been involved in various types of construction (from plumbing to welding to framing, etc.) and have passed on their knowledge, skills, and lessons learned.

Mark and I have both worked hard to become professional engineers while always striving to break the stereotype of the typical office or paper engineer. Mark has invaluable work experience as a construction manager, general contractor, special inspector/materials tester, structural building designer, solar racking applications engineer, product manager and product developer for commercial solar racking, and now as a Principal Structural Engineer for his own firm. Mark has the book smarts and intelligence of a structural engineer, combined with the hands-on construction knowledge, which is extremely rare.  I have had the great pleasure of working alongside Mark at a couple of stops along the way and even managed him for 6 years.  His drive and work ethic to accomplish a task or goal, along with his ability to communicate and bring various groups together is second to none.  Mark is definitely a unique and well-rounded Structural Engineer that will continue to solve problems, find solutions, build relationships with clients, and provide structural analysis – combined with common sense and practical application/constructability, just like our Dads taught us!”

– Jeff Head, P.E.

Principal at Unity Engineering, PC

Outstanding Engineer

“Mark and I worked together at the same company for five years, including two years working as the only two engineers assigned to a single project.   Combined with a great personality, his experience as an engineer, as well as a contractor, makes him an outstanding engineer.  I enthusiastically recommend Mark to anyone needing a structural engineer!”

– Charles Stubbs, P.E.

Structural Engineering Team Leader at Smith Engineering Company